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Bean Counters

Yes. We are bean counters. We do everything you'd expect bean counters to do. But, we also do many other things. We are experts in efficiency; ours and yours. We believe in keeping things simple and pride ourselves on finding simpler, more streamlined ways to make your business, and ours, more effective and more efficient. The end result, everyone saves time and money!

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Our Services

Bookkeeping Services: 

Cash receipts, cash disbursements, invoicing, billing, statements, and bank reconciliations, and more

Financial Statements:

Financial Statements on annual, quarterly, or monthly basis and more


Accounts Receivable:

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, fixed assets, prepaid asset, accrued liabilities, and more


Budget consulting, budget input, budget to actual analysis, budgetary reporting, annual, quarterly, or monthly, and more


Sales projections, cost projections, expense projections, customized projections, and more

Customized Management Reporting:

Customized reporting to meet the needs of your management team, and more


Coordination with third party payroll providers for accurate data transmission, payroll recording, reporting, and more


We consult on streamlining processes, business practices, and organization, and more


We are happy to coordinate with your qualified tax preparer; we provide everything they need to quickly and efficiently prepare your tax returns. We also associate with affordable and highly qualified tax preparers, making the the process seamless.

Other Services:

Assistance in developing and implementing processes and practices to help organize your office, your business, or your home office, and more




Call Now to Get Started (888) 559-4443
or Email diane@checks-n-balances. biz