Smart. Professional. Prompt. Friendly.

What's the Difference

We choose to be different. Now you have a choice. We work smart. We simplify. We maximize efficiency. We get things done quickly and we are always streamlining processes. The difference maths out to the highest quality bookkeeping and a lower bill for you.

We also choose to run our business differently. We are value driven; we give back to our community, we provide training in life skills to women in transition, and we donate a portion of our profits to local charities. We strive not only to be different, but to make a difference.

Be a part of that difference. 


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Our Practice:

It’s Not What You Think

Your bookkeeper doesn’t sit at a desk with a quirky old ten key calculator and a wheezing PC, strewn with a collection of disgusting, half-empty, coffee cups, in a claustrophobic cubicle, in a stuffy, cluttered office with mounds of musty papers, bad florescent lighting, old, dirty, plastic plants and a receptionist named “Bittsy”. Your bookkeeper doesn’t have a dreadful commute to work, punch in at 8:00 AM and then fight traffic all the way back home some time after 5:00 PM.


Our small but mighty team works from home, or from wherever they want to work. They are accountable to choose their own hours, their own days, and to just get the work done. Our practice consists of value driven, talented, passionate, independent, accountable, and motivated people who seek balance and joy, in work and in life. We believe in leading a healthy lifestyle, we believe in laughter and we believe work should be fun. That is our practice. So, while we may make time for the gym or a trail run, grab lunch with friends, or go to the beach or to the mountains on a weekday, to beat the crowds, your work will be done right, and right on time.


Supervised, not suffocated.


Whether we are working at the coffee shop together, or not, every bit of work is reviewed and re-reviewed. Every balance, checked. We are extremely well organized and uber-efficient. We love our clients, we love our work. We love our reputation for being different and for being fun to work with, we love our reputation for doing it right. We are accountable and cherish our integrity. Count on it.

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Our Small but Mighty Team


Diane Fleury - Principal

Owner and Principal
25 Year Accounting Industry Veteran
Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certified
Microsoft Office Certified

Loves the beach and the mountains, beer and wine
Hiker, Backpacker, Trail Runner, Paddler, Horse lover
App freak, techno-geek, gadget girl
Tolerates (loves) the cat




Bookkeeping Associate
Almost Quickbooks ProAdvisor Certified

Daughter, roommate, and cat owner
Loves travel, adventure, and the outdoors
Wants to be a beermaker and brewmaster
Feeds the office manager (the cat)



The Office Manager
The cat
Vet certified for airline travel

Possilby gluten intolerant
Likes picking fights with deer, fox, and all the neighborhood cats
Loves greeting humans and canines on the sidewalk in front of the house
Hunts grasshoppers, kills and eats flies




Bookkeeper to be

As our practice grows full of happy, satisfied, clients, we will be seeking joyful, focused, talented and engaging individuals to work, on their own terms, with us. Is this you, or someone you know, call or email us today!