All Services ~ $65/hour


Detailed Breakdown:

Box of dusty receipts, scraps of paper with unintelligible scribbles, coffee stained bank statements, a dead bug, notes on cocktail napkins, mouse turds, and pocket lint ~ $65/hour and I’ll organize your stuff and recycle the box

Paper grocery bag(s) of unopened envelopes including bills, some paid, some not, bank statements, at least some, but probably not all of them, credit card statements, credit card offers, letters from your Congressman, catalogs of no interest to you, letters from AARP even though you’re not that age, yet, and a birthday card from your mother, sadly, you didn’t notice it, there’s probably a Ben Franklin in there (we’ll give it back to you, along with your mail, all neat and tidy) ~ $65/hour + five cents for each grocery bag, reusable grocery bags are no extra charge and will be returned

Perfectly organized three-ring binder with dividers between sections to appropriately divide up those two reams of (hopefully, recycled) paper (double-sided, single spaced; save trees), with a table of contents in a font large enough for an old bookkeeper to read, referenced and cross-referenced ~ $65/hour and a gold star and my promise to return everything precisely as you organized it, I know that means a lot

Everything electronic; scanned to PDF, or available for online download ~ $65/hour and five gold stars and my undying appreciation

Onsite meetings, preferably over a cup of coffee, a pint of beer, a glass of wine, and/or lunch ~ $65/hour including travel time, we’ll split the bill item for item, I’ll do the math, and I always tip the server at least 20%

Online meetings, $65/hour, but, please, speak slowly, I know time is money, but having to repeat everything twice really fast takes way more time than speaking slowly