Bookkeeping Services

Cash receipts, cash disbursements, invoicing, billing, statements, and bank reconciliations



Financial Statements

Financial Statements on annual, quarterly, or monthly basis



Account Reconciliations

Accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, fixed assets, prepaid asset, accrued liabilities, and more




Budget consulting, budget input, budget to actual analysis, budgetary reporting, annual, quarterly, or monthly




Sales projections, cost projections, expense projections, customized projections



Customized Management Reporting

Customized reporting to meet the needs of your management team



Payroll Coordination

Coordination with third party payroll providers for accurate data transmission, payroll recording, and reporting



What We Don’t Do

We won’t, cannot, by law, perform services only a CPA can perform; audits, reviews, opinions, or any other communication of reasonable or limited assurance. We CAN, however, prepare you for those services and we are happy to work with your CPA to make the process efficient and painless. We are happy to prepare and organize the items your CPA requests for supporting documentation and we will also happily prepare any supporting schedules they require.

We don’t do income tax preparation. It isn’t our expertise and we’d never want to try and get it wrong. We will get all your tax records and financials in order and provide them directly to your tax preparer, we’ll gladly answer any questions they may have and provide any additional support they may need, making the process easy peezy. If you don’t have a tax preparer, we do! Because heaven knows we don’t want to do our own taxes! We’ll be delighted to refer you to a highly qualified and certified professional.

We don’t do payroll. We will work with your third-party payroll provider, and if you don’t have one, we are happy to make some recommendations. We just won’t calculate withholdings, payroll tax liabilities due to taxing authorities, we won’t “cut the checks” to employees or the taxing authorities. For what it would cost us in time and additional software and insurance to provide this service to you, there are highly acclaimed expert third party vendors that can do it for less. We will be happy to work directly with your third-party payroll provider; we will calculate and submit time reports, commission reports, or whatever they need to do their thing. We will receive the payroll journals and reports from them and make sure the transactions are carefully entered into your records. We will also be thrilled to compile any job costing reports, labor cost reports, commission reports, etc. that you may need. And, if desired, we can assist you in organizing your compliant employee and contract employee personnel files.

We don’t wash windows.

We do house sit.

We don’t babysit.

We do pet sit.